Arif Ramadhan

Country: Indonesia

Achievements :
– 2nd at Indonesia National yoyo championship 2015
– 2nd at Indonesia National yoyo championship 2016
– 2nd at Malaysia International Yoyo Open 2015
– 1st at China yoyo corporation championship 2016
– 12th at asia pacific yoyo championship 2016


Glen Kempster

Name: Glen Kempster
Country: Australia

Name: Frantisek Bina

Country: Czech Republic


Ondřej Horák

Name: Ondrej Horak

Country: Czech Republic


Zonglparty 2011 – 3rd;

VYZ 2013 2nd;

Zonglparty 2013 – 3rd;

Clash of Nerds Battles – 3rd;

North Yoyo Contest 2014 – 7th;

Le Yoyo Tour 2014 – once 1st,completly 2nd place.


Ryan Gee

Name: Ryan Gee

Country: U.S.A


Pisco Ouyang

Name: OuYang Shuntao

Country: China

VOID2016 1A 1st


Adi Raihan Mahmud

Name: Adi Raihan Mahmud

Country: Brunei


BNYC 2013 1A – 2nd


Name: Ryan Jian Liang Lim

Country: Malaysia


Malaysia National YoYo Contest 2014 (4th Place)



Ilya Shaposhnikov

Ilya Shaposhnikov

Name:Ilya Shaposhnikov


Minkyu Cho


Name: Minkyu Cho
From: Republic of Korea


2014 Korea National 3rd


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