yoyofficer x Barely Legal - Nifty


Weight  64.2 g


Diameter 57.8 mm


Width  43.5 mm



And here are specifications and more pictures of Barely legal x Yoyofficer Nifty

Diameter: 57.8 mm
Width: 43,5 mm
Weight: 64.2 g
Gap width: 4.3 mm

Price: 70$

Barely Legal (yoyo brand) is small Czech brand, run by Czech national champion Robert Kucera and former Clyw team member Zdenek Hybl. Yoyofficer joined forces with Barely guys to make our first collaboration model, NIFTY!

Nifty was designed in close cooperation between our two companies and than manufactured by Yoyofficer, to ensure great build quality, beautiful colors and smooth blasted surface.

We all love Nifty’s performance, it offers great combination of lower weight and powerful spin. It can play really fast and agile, but still has good stability and spin time for long combos. And thanks to open stepped V-shape, landing tricks is as easy as it gets.

Nifty is beautiful design, competition beast that is yet really fun to play and costs just 70$!

Barely team prepared this really nice and funny promo video for Nifty release

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