yoyofficer - Orbis

yoyofficer – Orbis

Weight  64 g

Diameter  55.5 mm

Width  45 mm

Design of the Orbis is based on feedback from our team and mainly on many long talks with players from all around the world, that we met at the World Yoyo Contest. When we combined this great feedback with our designs, we created one of the best yo-yos we have ever made.

The specifications meets today‘s standards for competition throws, with almost full-size diameter and more width. We really focused on weight distribution, to achieve lower weight for better feel and faster play, while keeping good stability and spin time

We also revisited our first model Aura. We took its hub designed for horizontal finger grinds and tweaked it, to make this style of tricks even easier. This is also reason why there is no logo on hub area.

As always, Orbis comes in range of acid wash finishes with beadblasted surface. And it will be shipped with our new premium bearing.


Diameter 55,5 mm
Width 45 mm
Weight 64 g
Gap width 4,3 mm

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